Still in shock that Fernando Alonso won’t be on the grid next season? Don’t worry, so are we. Here are the ten things we’ll miss the most about him…

    1. His amazing starts

    If getting a good getaway is an art form, then Alonso is a grand master. When it comes to the unique dance that is matching revs to bite point to wheelspin, no one does it better than the Spaniard. In some respects you have to feel sorry for Nando that he lived through the eras of traction and launch control, because they negated one of his greatest strengths.

    2. His radio messages

    Spiky, witty, informative – Alonso’s radio patter could be described as all of these things and more. But one thing it’s never been is boring. From deliciously delivered put-downs of his fellow drivers to giving his engineers uplifting pep talks, we’re going to massively miss hearing Fernando’s charismatic tones over team radio.,

    3. His never-say-die attitude

    If there’s one word that’s repeatedly used to characterise Alonso’s approach to racing, it’s ‘relentless’. The. Guy. Just. Doesn’t. Let. Up. Even in Baku this year, when a first-lap coming-together left him nursing two punctures, he kept his foot in and his head down, miraculously bringing his car back to the pits before charging back to a barely believable P7.