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    Since 1981,[67] Formula One teams have been required to build the chassis in which they compete, and consequently the terms "team" and "constructor" became more or less interchangeable. This requirement distinguishes the sport from series such as the IndyCar Series which allows teams to purchase chassis, and "spec series" such as GP2, which require all cars be kept to an identical specification. It also effectively prohibits privateers, which were common even in Formula One well into the 1970s.

    The sport's debut season, 1950, saw eighteen teams compete, but due to high costs many dropped out quickly. In fact, such was the scarcity of competitive cars for much of the first decade of Formula One that Formula Two cars were admitted to fill the grids. Ferrari is the oldest Formula One team, the only still-active team which competed in 1950.

    2019 Driver Details

    Driver Heading
    Lewis Hamilton Few drivers have entered Formula 1 racing with as big a bang as Lewis Hamilton, whose sensational maiden season in 2007 - in which he lost out on the world championship by a single point - remains one of the most remarkable rookie campaigns in history.
    Sebastian Vettel A tour de force as he swept to four straight world championship crowns and countless Formula 1 records, Sebastian Vettel’s relentless hunger for victory, as much as his outstanding talent, secure his place as one of the sport’s greats.
    Charles Leclerc He may be a rookie on the 2018 grid, but Charles Leclerc’s single-seater credentials are impressive. GP3 champion in 2016; F2 champion in 2017; Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) member; F1 testing experience with Ferrari; and F1 practice outings with both Haas and Sauber.Born on October 16, 1997, Leclerc is barely into his twenties, so it’s fair to say he looks to be firmly on the fast track to success. Hailing from Monaco, he was inevitably exposed to F1 at a young age, especially as his late father Herve was also a racing driver, who did well in F3 back in the Nineties.On top of that his best friend since childhood was the late Jules Bianchi, also an FDA member, and it was at the kart track belonging to Jules’ father Philippe that Leclerc first got behind the wheel, when he wasn’t even five years old.He made the step up to single-seaters in 2014 with a campaign in the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps series. Success came quickly, with two wins in his first year as well as three podiums from six outings in the more competitive Formula Renault 2.0 Euro series.
    Iconic Formula 1 machinery auctioned in Abu Dhabi

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