2018 Bahrain GP



    27 - 29 Aug

    Race weekend

    Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2021

    Here is some supporting copy

    Red Bull claimed a famous victory in Barcelona one year ago, profiting from Mercedes’ intra-team clash - and a strategy gamble - to triumph via their new recruit and subsequent history maker Max Verstappen.On the evidence of 2017 so far, the likelihood of a repeat seems scant... but this isn’t an ordinary race for Red Bull. The team are pinning all their hopes of a surge in performance on a raft of upgrades to the RB13, with improved grip and reduced drag among the main priorities. ghchgscscjsdchjdjhdscsdds

    Why go?

    Hungary in July is usually hot hot hot. The good news if you’re at the track, though, is that there’s a water park close by – the Mogyorodi Aquarena vizi szorakoztatopark – which should be a good place to cool off. Away from aqueous activities, the circuit is only 20km from Budapest, putting you close to one of Europe’s most fascinating, storied and lively city centres.